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About that weekly post? Sorry, I just haven’t felt like writing :/ I will do better. I thought it would be fun to list all of the interesting things I have discovered/experienced/think about as a pregnant mommy to be.  The truth is that I don’t really feel pregnant per se. For the most of my pregnancy, I have kept very busy (except for my horrific first trimester) and sometimes feel shocked when I see a reflection of myself and see a bump. So here is a list of my random thoughts.

  • I believe a first time mom can’t really fully experience pregnancy. It is just so much going on and so much to wrap around your brain. So I don’t even try to figure things out, I just go with the flow and give God all the glory.
  • The most devastating part of my pregnancy has been the complete loss of my butt. I am a small girl, but I was thickums. I lost A LOT of weight from my first trimester sickness and my pride and joy butt was the first to go. I am so sad about this, and it has not grown in yet :/ I guess I will have to do squats and stuff…
  • Wanna know what makes me feel like a real animal? The MILK in my chachas. (TMI) I was randomly checking to see if I had milk LOL at like 20 weeks, and even though it required some semi-serious squeezing, I did. Of course the first question my sister and Niyi asked was, “how did it taste?” They are so nasty right?!?!? LOL.
  • The other annoying thing is working on a gift registry. Contrary to what some people might think, I don’t enjoy shopping. I know what I like and when I see it, I buy it. Not really knowing what we will REALLY need or if the boys will like em makes it even more stressful..urgh. I think one side of me feels uncomfortable receiving gifts from people :/ (I am thankful for Niyi’s cousin who helped me finally complete my registry last night)
  • In the last couple of weeks, I cry for everything which is kind of annoying cause I am not normally an emotional person. I cry cause the boys won’t be in my belly for much longer, I cry when people get on my nerves, I cry more when Niyi does not understand why I am crying…you get the picture.
  • I am determined not to buy maternity clothes. I had to buy about 5 items in a size 6 so far, but I think I am done buying and will be giving those away as soon as these babies get here. If you wear a 6, holla at me!
  • The number 2 best feeling in the world is getting to see your child during an ultrasound. If you ever want to know if God is real, this will definitely confirm it.
  • The NUMBER 1 best feeling in the world (which makes me cry sometimes) is feeling your baby move in your belly. I love watching my belly move and trying to figure out the position of the babies.
  • MOTHERS ARE A BLESSING FROM HEAVEN – When I visited home, my mommy waited on me hand and foot. I am very excited to be going back home soon!!!!!
  • My husband is going to be the ULTIMATE DAD!!! He is so amazing with children and is already the best dad. He was my rock during my rocky first trimester, he is obsessed with the boys. He breaks his neck trying to get to me when I tell him they are kicking, he buys me cards often addressed from him and the boys, gets my fav snacks, never complains, gets whatever I need, and much more. He is definitely my greatest blessing, and I can only continue to thank God for putting him in my life.

That would be all of my random ramblings for today. Here are a few of my fav pics from earlier on in my first trimester. I have a couple of more recent pics on IG (Parchmentbydami) if you would like to check em out.20140411_143704 20140411_155036 20140426_182527 photo 4-2Cheers,