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I guess this explains me being MIA.  laziness too. I am so excited to share that DaNi is expecting company in just a couple of months. For now, here are are two pics from the boudoir session I recently had with my big sis Buks. I have a ton of pics that I love from the session, but my hubby does not want his wife’s business all out there in the internet streets. These two have been over-filtered as is LOL, but you get the idea. Squint hard, and you might see a bump LOLOLIMG_20140504_182558 IMG_20140504_211042One of my all time fav items from our wedding (almost 4 years ago, yikes) was my veil. So I knew I had to incorporate it into the shoot.

Come back and visit to check out how we are gearing up for our loves! I will be updating the blog about once a week or something like that. OK, I will try my best.

By the way, did I mention we are having TWINS?!?!?!?!?!

Edited to add: I guess a baby announcement post is supposed to be a lot more emotional and thought provoking. Forgive me, maybe that will come. For now, we are just beyond excited, feeling completely blessed and just chilling!