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One of the many positives of marriage is you get to learn so much from each other. I like to call it “upgrading.” Niyi has completely upgraded my love for art- thereby upgrading my quality of life in general. If it were up to Niyi, we would live in a museum, but I am not about that life. I get really antsy after being in a museum for too long. Through it all, I have fallen in love with Banksy and Keith Haring.

Banksy is currently in the middle of Better Out than In, a month long residency is NY where he is producing new works of art all around the city. This past weekend he sold original art work for 60 BUCKS??!?!?!?!?! (valued at over 30 thousand dollars) Can you believe it? Needless to say,  I was nowhere close to Central Park. The truth is even if I was around the park, there is a high possibility that I would have walked right by it without noticing a thang. It is sorta the NY way of life, residents are on a mission to get to their destination, while maneuvering through tourists – the people that actually stop to buy street art.

Still bummed about the missed opportunity, but excited about visiting all of his new stuff in the city soon (as long as they are all not completely defaced :/). In honor of Banksy in NY, here are pictures of DaNi posing with some original Banksy graffiti in New Orleans for our engagement shoot a few years ago. We actually planned the first part of our engagement shoot around them. Enjoy!

dami-niyi_001 dami-niyi_002 dami-niyi_008 dami-niyi_011 dami-niyi_016 dami-niyi_023 dami-niyi_025 dami-niyi_026 dami-niyi_030

Pictures by the VERY talented, Mr. Metu.