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So, the blog is back! Excited to get back to this and hope to update at least once a week. Kicking things off with Niyi’s 30th Birthday celebration. Niyi turned 30 this past May, and I started planning about 9 months before his birthday. I know it sounds crazy, but I take these things seriously!


Pic was one of Niyi’s brother’s submission for his book. More on that below.

I know my husband, he does not like parties or any unnecessary pump and circumstance (like I do). I do know that he LOVES sports and the ESPN film series titled “30 for 30.” We actually love watching the 30 for 30 documentaries and I just knew it would be perfect.

ESPN premiered the series for their 30th anniversary, so I definitely thought it was fitting to use it as a theme for an intimate celebration with just the two of us.

The full theme for the day was Β “CELEBRATING 30 FOR 30 while TAKING A BITE OF THE BIG APPLE”

I came up with the “Bite of the Big Apple part,” because even though we live in the city, we never do the typical touristy things. I planned for us to visit several touristy NY attractions and I gave clues using his personalized 30 for 30 stationery. We started with brunch at Jacob’s Pickles, then 5 Points, Moma P.S.1, the historical St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Empire State Building, tea at Bergdorfs and then we headed back home for gifts and a quick change.

Niyi in front of our bruncg spot

Niyi in front of our brunch spot

DaNi at 5 pointz

DaNi at 5 pointz

I was so scared of the lil baby with the grill

I was so scared of the lil baby with the grill



Niyi at PS1

Niyi at PS1

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Bergdorfs- this was clearly for me. This is my national pass time activity

Needless to say I created personalized stationery inspired by ESPN’s 30 for 30 logo. I used it to write down clues for everywhere we went as well as clues for his gifts- which he had to guess of course LOL

2013-05-15 12.53.36

First 2 clues …

2013-05-15 12.53.46

So the reason why I started planning 9 months prior to his bday was because I bought Niyi 30 gifts. For like 2 years prior to his bday, I wrote down every single thing that Niyi ever said he liked and wanted and used it to help inform my gift buying. The gifts ranged from a full bespoke suit to his favorite candy bar. I was hiding everything in a closet in the apartment, and I kid you not, every time Niyi went close to the closet, I had serious heart palpitations LOL.

2013-05-15 23.20.03

gifts :)

gifts πŸ™‚

2013-05-15 19.13.18

After opening gifts we headed out to the amazing Jean-Georges restaurant! It was excellent!

2013-05-15 22.45.08

2013-05-15 22.21.36

2013-05-15 21.26.25

2013-05-15 21.25.50

The final part of the night was presenting Niyi with his 30 for 30 book (which was his number 30 gift for his 30th birthday get it?) . I wanted to recreate the same feel as the actual 30 for 30 films, so I decided to make a book for Niyi. I asked all his friends and family to contribute with quotes, pics, write ups, etc. According to Niyi, this was his favorite part of the whole day. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

2013-05-15 23.06.17I gave Niyi the book at dinner and he was so incredibly happy. I love him so much and seeing him smile while reading his book made it ALL worth it! I even heard him say this is the best birthday EVER!!!!!

2013-05-15 22.06.26

So glad everything turned out well. My tip is not to follow the trend or whatever is cool out there. Think about what your spouse/friend/whomever likes and go from there. If I get some time, I will share the “Bisous and Bows” themed dinner we had for my big sister’s 30th as well. No joke, everyone and their mama turned 30 this year.