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How could I NOT post something on 12.12.12?

Sooo It has been a minute since I did a real post. My hubster and I went away for Thanksgiving this year cause we are now incorporating our “family” balance lifestyle. I know this sounds crazy but I want us to be very intentional about sharing ourselves equally between both families. Last year we did Thanksgiving with Niyi’s fam, this year we went away, and next year we will be with my fam. To sum it up, we just did not feel like going to Houston AGAIN, and since we have so much family time coming, we decided to visit Jamaica mon! Best decision ever! Best trip ever. All we wanted to do was relax and stay at the resort since we already did the “adventurous” thing in Belize over the summer.  The food was the best! The resort was amazing, and the staff was just on point.com! Enjoy the pics 🙂


20121123_11220020121122_12523420121122_12304120121122_12313020121122_15305520121122_121255I need this jerk center lady at my house. Divine!

20121122_11200820121122_091413There was a country by Chinua Achebe…good read!

20121122_08020920121122_20521120121122_190513IMG_20121123_193754 IMG_20121124_122104The FOOD!

20121122_194829MY NEW DriNK OF CHOICE! SHANDY!!!!!

20121124_144720And look who I ran into on my way home!

Happy Holidays!