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Shout out to Frank Ocean for my title inspiration. I went to a wedding yesterday and noticed later that I have been on an orange streak. Almost every outfit from the weddings I have attended in the last year have had a little bit of orange in them. Check out the spread.

One thing is for sure, I “guess” I am into orange lol. I also love wearing braids and open toe shoes. I am especially proud of the last look because I basically went shopping in my closet. I always wanted to do a fashion type post so here we go.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t consider myself a fashion expert, fashionista or someone that is even “into” fashion. I don’t know much about designers and all of that fancy stuff. I do have a strong sense of what I like and I am fully aware of my personal style. I know what works for me and that’s about it. I try to only buy things I like even if it is from Walmart.

Now back to the orange…

I even wore a little bit of orange with this wedding outfit (check the footwork)

OK, time for my little feature lol

I have been on this no shopping streak for a minute now. I am sad to report that it was not successful, but happy to report that I was able to recycle every single item that I wore to my last wedding. Now I don’t want to come off like I don’t repeat my clothes cause that would be a lie…I just like to find new pieces for big events then I repeat them after that. And since I don’t have that many “big events” I don’t consider this a huge deal. OK back to the post…

A collage of pics my sister took at home in Houston in the fit

So for the top, I wore my party dress from our wedding. I simply wore it as a top and put my skirt over it. Since the dress is stretchy I just bunched it up underneath the skirt. To be honest, the dress and my new thunder thighs are not on the same page so what a great way to still wear the dress without looking like I work at the pyramid (Whad up Frank Ocean?!?!). I do this with several of my dresses and it is such a cool way to switch things up.

Ok back to this post for real lol.. The dress is from French Connection (one of my favorite stores), and the skirt from H&M(another fav store of mine). I added a brooch on the waist line simply to put a Dami stamp on it. I love brooches and I think it helped the outfit mesh a lot more.

I wore my anniversary gift from Niyi-Giuseppe Zanotti slingback peep toe heels, borrowed my sisters gold ball studs (I chose studs cause I didn’t want anything to take the focus from my brooch) and a royal blue clutch. I got this clutch on sale for  17 bucks in Dillards (My all time favorite department store- lol, don’t judge…maybe one day IJN it might become any one of the fancy “B” department stores lol)

For my hair I opted out of a bun and just did a lil braid thing that Buks helped me pin down while Jums helped me with my makeup!

This post was totally all over the place, oh welly lol