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I always have a very hard time finding affordable flats. Now that I work with kindergartners I am trying to get  more flats since I end up sitting on the carpet every now and then :/. Check out what I got from yoox.com’s summer sale. All for under 230 bucks!!!!!…not familiar with the brands but they are mostly made in Italy, which generally means quality.

I have been addicted to yellow since our wedding. It is safe to say that yellow is my favorite color.

You know how I feel about bling!

These have Damilola written all over them!

I am not sure what I think about the slight wedge..but who cares, it was on super sale.  Altogether, I think I saved almost 600 bucks!!! Wooohooo

By the way check out this site! One of them (color is sold out) will be my new baby shortly. Hopefully they make it in this week. Can’t wait to post about them 🙂