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I am a sucker for these babies. I saw them for the first time online for a little over a 100 bucks. This was while I was scouting  my bridal shower shoes. I ended up finding them at century 21 in the City, for about 40 bucks. I love them because they are my most embellished shoes and just straight up POW!

They might come off gaudy for some, but they are perfect for me.  I love them so much, I did not even wait to debut them at my shower.

I wore them to the museum first…

Then the actual shower lol

And then everywhere since then . They are VERY comfortable, I can wear them all day long! I have worn them soo much, that I was in the middle of a meeting and the strap fell apart. I gently stapled (yes, with a stapler) the straps together and continued with my day. They will be paying the doctor a visit soon.

I would have to put up way too many pics if I were to upload all the pics I have with them on lol