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Last time,  I highlighted one of my wedding season shoes, well today I will highlight 2 more and then keep it moving. This post has been pending forever.

On another note,  I unfortunately misplaced my camera at a friend’s wedding while in Houston and so I can’t do my planned wedding post. On the bright side, now we can get a new camera and forget about that jagbajantis we had.

Today I am featuring the shoes I wore with my white dress and the one I wore with the party dress. As soon as we got engaged the first item I purchased were my wedding shoes. It was not planned, but Barney’s was having a sale and I HAD to take advantage of that.

Year 1 anniversary dinner. I wore them to start my tradition of wearing something from our wedding season every anniversaryWore them to a wedding with my friend Ijeoma

As for the Marc shoes, I had been stalking them for at least a year before I got them on yoox.com. I sure was not about to break bank for shoes that I did not really need. God clearly wanted me to have them because a year later one pair was left and it was my in my size. And I did not think twice.

I haven’t worn them much. As a matter of fact, I think I wore them once since then.

Check out some more pics of me with them on from our wedding day.

Yea, that baby had to go by the end of the night.

Next week (By God’s grace), I will be featuring my favorite shoes of all time!