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Wooohoo, I am so crazy lazy these day, but had to get this out. Thank you to all of our well wishers. I sure don’t know why y’all visit, but I am glad you do! So much has happened in the last couple of weeks, but the most exciting (apart from our trip that is) is (drum roll please) my cousin is getting married! She was a bride’s maid at our wedding. This will be the second wedding in our family. So we will be heading to London next spring. God works in mysterious ways cause I was already working on a trip to Europe, so it all works out.

OK, before I get to the pics, one thing that has been a joy for me in this marriage is planning trips and just things for us to do. It allows us to have something to look forward to, and while living in the moment there is this sense of “something is coming.” It does not have to be something big, it could be reading together at the park, going to a small town and chilling at a bed & breakfast, watching the sunset together, etc…you get what I mean.

So I got a Groupon earlier this year for Belize to celebrate our anniversary. Unfortunately, we had some complications when we got to the airport. So our trip was cut short from 6 to 4 days. I can’t even go into details, shame on me. Niyi pretty much has a list of “The Adventures of Dami” and claims I need to have a blog detailing my “traveling chronicles.” I have had it all happen to me, from someone selling me fake tickets that could have landed me in jail to getting to the airport to find out I booked my ticket for the wrong month. Shame Shame…

Anyhoo, since we were not in Belize for our actual anniversary, we spent the day in Htown. We started off at the Breakfast Club. Houstonians, please don’t hate me but the food was NOT all that.

heading out

Our overrated meal

This pic is all wrong, but I ain’t about to find one that works. I am sporting my anniversary gift. A pair of Giuseppe Zanotti  heels, and holding Niyi’s gift card. He mentioned that he wanted another Hamilton(Custom shirt makers that made his shirt for the wedding) shirt. We went to one of my fav restaurants in Htown. Brazilian steakhouses rock! Keeping with my anniversary tradition, I always year something from our actual wedding season. This time I wore the dress from our pre-wedding party. (Last year, I wore my wedding shoes and necklace from our traditional engagement).

OK, on to Belize (finally). This was our first international “relaxation” trip. Nigeria in December was not about relaxing. What I love the most about this trip is that we really got to talk. We talked about how far we have come, what we love about each other, what are goals are across the board and much more. It really felt like we were in our own cocoon. It was uninterrupted time (no phones baby), and it was great. Looking forward to our next trip(Lord willing) in a couple of months (think kaftans :))

OK, back to this trip for real (I am clearly in a talking mood). We were so not prepared. I knew we were going to the jungle, but that clearly did not fully register with the items we packed. All in all, we got to truly experience God’s nature like never before. We did it all, hiking in the jungle and up mountains, cave tubing, zip lining, and much much more. Most amazing of all were the Mayan ruins. My pics do them no justice. We got to go all the way to the top of the High Temple- scariest moment of mi life. I leave you to our pics.

Customer service was EXCEPTIONAL! A++++++

The signature rum punch. Have mercy…these babies had me set. I think I had 25 of them in 4 days lol

yes indeed, that rum punch lol

There were so many “bingos” all over Belize. Poor hungry dogs 😦

On the boat, en route to the ruins. As you can see, I was representing the jungle lol (I am clearly still on that rum)

Niyi’s little friend that came in the boat to get 2 guavas from him

This bird is nicknamed the “Jesus Bird.” You know why?

Made it to Lamanai

Nature…I have like 29 million pics of “nature” but you have to see it to appreciate it. So I will stick to this one.

We were really in the jungle. Packs of monkeys were howling back and forth and it was just plain scary.

Niyi and I at the top of the mask temple

Then we headed to the high temple

It started pouring and we were drenched. This pic does the height no justice. We eventually made it to the top top.

We were so high up, that is the top of the jungle behind Niyi.

This was so much fun, and not scary at all!

LOL, we also did a couple of massage treatments. Maruba resort is known for their mud massage. I could not get pass the paper thongs they wanted us to wear. I opted out but Niyi didn’t. All I can say is I have blackmail pics lol…and, no your eyes ain’t tricking you,  hibiscus it is.

chilled in the mineral pool

Started a new book on the trip. I finished 50 Shades of Grey prior to this and um…well, that is another post.

and yes I had to pose and get a pic…poor Niyi, my photographer lol

and of course we did a lot of eating

We had a great time and I am looking forward to forever. I know how blessed we are and I am very grateful.

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