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How do I even attempt to put my feelings into words?
I can honestly say that I am so undeserving and in all of my unfaithfulness, God has still chosen to bless me with such an AMAZING husband. The last two years have been fun, filled with new experiences, invaluable, stressful, awesome, and much more. Niyi and I were reflecting last night on our last year, and we were so overwhelmed by how far we have come. We don’t take our days lightly. We know that we have been blessed and try to value every single moment. Life is but a mist.

I recently fell in love with this song “Dansaki” by Lara George. This song pretty much explains my state of mind right now. I am so grateful and in awe of the Man who blessed me with my man ;)Please listen and be blessed.

I  asked (begged) Niyi that we do a photo shoot to mark year 2. My little brother took the pics in front of the house in Houston and it was a lot of fun lol..See below!

“take a pic of me first please  before we start our official shoot”..Top and skirt by my tailor in Nigeria by the way.

“another pic”

“Niyi you look so cute with that smile”

“Don’t worry Niyi, we will get up soon. Just look relaxed”

“much better”

“something is in my eye for real”“Niyi pretend like you are telling me a secret, it will look romantic”

“why are you trying to play me (side eye)”

“BABE! act like you want to take the pic please, almost done” lol

“OK, throw up the 2 to represent 2 years.” Poor Niyi was probably thinking “my gosh, does she ever stop, but I STILL LOVE her crazy self.”

“I love you babe, so much more to look forward to.”

Will be posting about our trip and celebration soon. Thanks to all of our friends and family for your constant team DaNi support 🙂

Happy Anniversary baybay, thanks for your selfless love.