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2 years lawd!

Believe it or not time is flying and my number one goal is to make sure that we make memories and capture the memories. With all the digital pics, facebook, instaspam (follow me ;)) and more, pics are everywhere. So I love making albums and scrapbooks to capture moments. To be honest, I love all things personalized.

Last year, Niyi surprised the heck out  of me with his gift for our anniversary. It was a straight up KO. I am glad that he now knows what gets me excited (if it’s personalized or a size 38, I’ll take it)If you know me, then you know I have a lot of facial expressions and sayings. Niyi created a book that complied all of my favorite quotes! Easily the BEST gift I have ever received.

“DaNi, yer 1 More to Come~

He picked colors that represent the quote. This is probably my favorite saying.

“I’ve got gist for you.” This is what I say when I am trying to keep my sisters on the phone lol

Niyi hates it when I chew gum lol

“I do” in our wedding colors

back of the book

I also created a DaNi Year 1 book just to capture our first year together. I intend on doing this every year and we (Yes, this year we will be doing it together) are going to start working on our DaNi year 2 book this week. It has to be ready by our anniversary.Niyi really likes gelato and we had some at some point last year. I took a pic while we were out and used it for the cover.

front cover

The intro…a lil blurry

The first time I was gone for a while Niyi surprised me with this handmade card. He even cut out fabric to make the super chic coat. That had to make it into the book too.

another page featuring my grad.

It will be fun to go through all the books come year 20 🙂

To be honest, we kind of have a lot of personalized items in DaNiville

Niyi made me this for my 25th bday. Each print represents something. He even made a print using a pic of my dog.

Our guest book which is now a coffee table book and another photobook that we got from a friend for our one year anniversary.

Another one year anniversary gift from a friend. Didn’t know it was a norm to get gifts during your 1 year anniversary. More like, we have amazing friends.

I just think it is important to capture and retain memories. In this digital age, we are losing so much. It is also a fun opportunity to reflect, relive moments and bond while putting the book together.