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This post is going to be everywhere, but please stay with me.  So, I remember when I came up with the idea for Tuesday SHOESday,   I was so proud of myself cause I thought it was sooooo freaking original.  Well, for some odd reason last week I googled the term “tuesday shoeday” and my jaw dropped…this is far from original. So many sites have tuesday Shoesday…OMG..oh welly :/

Next, I recently decided to start taking care of my shoes. If we don’t take care of what we have then how will we be blessed with more. Since I am far from being on Beyonce’s level I need to be able to preserve my shoes for as long as possible.

First step, I toke all my shoes out of my closet. This process by itself made me realize a couple of things:

1. DANG, I need to take care of my shoes

2. Instead of hoarding shoes I have not worn for a while, while not pass them on to someone who would appreciate them

3. That I was missing a shoe :(…

I’ll start with the missing shoe, that I later found inside of my laundry basket at about 3am in the morning. I was unable to sleep and the Lord led me to the basket. So glad that it was recovered cause I had Niyi going through every single suitcase in the house, I searched high and low. I called my sisters to see if left it in Houston, texted my friend to see if I left it in her car, etc. This made me realize how ignorance could be total bliss.

So back to cleaning my shoes. I simple made a simple soap and warm water solution.

I used the sponge to wash the interior of the shoe and then wiped it off with the towel.

Before and After pic


Then I checked heels, soles, etc.

I glue and snip if needed.

I realized one of my  very beloved shoes was on its death bed. I did some quick ER (with my trusted super glue) and then packed it up and will deliver it to the shoe hospital this week.

I also realized that I have to release my beloved first pair of Loubs. They have served me well,but I have to let them go :(..I bought this with my first big girl check when I started teaching 4 years ago. I bet if I maintained them better they will still be alive today. A special Tuesday SHOESday coming soon!

Don’t they look tired?

and disgusting :/

The moral of the story is: Take care of what you have!