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Double dose of SHOESday today baby!!

Been MIA for a minute so decided to give a double dose!I got these last year from the the Louboutin website. I was super excited about them for plenty reasons- they are super high (6-7 inches) and very blingy!!!!

Niyi thought it would be ghetto for me to save the wrapping paper (side eye)

I love the little baggie with the spare heel taps

I got them in the summer  for my 25th bday which was not until December (no judging allowed, considering I bought “other birthday shoes” and did not even wear these for my actual bday lololololol). I clearly have a problem with justifying my luxury purchases so I always tag them to something significant in my life. The shoes are pretty comfy and definitely a statement piece.

So, before I post these pics, please bear with my “ashy” parts. I don’t know what the problem is, but my dermatologist has me on a new regimen, so don’t judge!

Can you spot DaNi? I wore them for TMac’s wedding

For Niyi’s brother’s wedding

In Naij during Christmas

And finally for my 25th bday celebration last year. Sad that the birthday shoes were already well broken in before the actual bday.

I got them a half size bigger cause they run a lil small! I really do love them! They do cost a pretty penny, so make sure you are ready for the splurge…and I always say “shoes are ALWAYS sooooo worth it as long as the rent it paid. Groceries can wait!”