So, I just woke up and realized that I will be married for 2 years next month, and I am ONLY 25 years old.  To be honest this just hit me like a ton of bricks this week.

I was engaged at 22, but it did not feel like it back then. I was getting my masters, working, been out of college for a while, had been dating Niyi for a couple of years and just in a good place. But for some reason, I can’t believe that I was that young because when I see a 22/23 yr old now I am like “chick you is young, you need to date more, blah blah blah,” and then I think of myself and just crack up.

At the same time, I recently  have been struggling with making sure my actions are strictly to glorify God. So pretty much not worried about what others think or if I am going to be received as cool or not (just being honest).  I actually became semi worried about what people think/thought of me and the fact that I married so young….ummm STOP!Where is all this nonsense coming from?

Not once did I think I was marrying young during my engagement/marriage period, so why now after almost 2 years of marriage?

The devil is full of tactics and tries to find every single way to get us off track…and he had me bugging. I decided to take a moment to reflect and all I can say is I would marry my AMAZING husband 10 times over, at age 15, 17, 21, you name it! Niyi is the most selfless, loving, giving, patient, and considerate person I know. I am one lucky girl! And this was all part of God’s PERFECT plan!

Wedding Day: I looked like a “happy” hot mess!

After the ceremony!

Heading to the reception!

one of my fav pics from our reception!

Who cares what anyone thinks, I am living my life to glorify God and he is the ONLY one I am worried about. Everything else will fall in place.