Niyi’s birthday was last Tuesday, and we had a simple celebration.

Started off at the MET to see the Prada Schiaparelli Exhibit which was fun fun fun.

Bday Boy!

rained all day…

Then we went off to this amazing restaurant called Beauty and Essex! This is my next most go to spot for all my visiting friends. Beautiful restaurant, great ambiance and delicious food!!!!

As usual, there is a twist. So the front of the restaurant is a really cool pawn shop.

Every room had a different feel (and there were a lot of rooms). We were in this room that had vintage lockets displayed on the walls. Did I mention that there is a bar in the bathroom with free champagne? Cray cray I tell ya.

We started off with this complementary something. The waiter said it soo fast and left that I missed it. This is where I would need Leah’s help.

Then we started our journey…

First stop: Roasted Bone Marrow. Niyi loved it,  it was a lil fatty for me and just did not seem right to be eating freaking bone marrow :/

Then we had General Tso’s Monkfish. Pretty interesting and delicious spin on fish

Next, we had the Roasted Chicken peri peri mede mede…This baby was good! Best plate of the night.

Finally we had some ribs….wait wait wait, why do 4 entree’s when we can have 5?

Finally we had the Grilled Salmon. And it was GOOD GOOD GOOD!

Happy Birthday Mr. Okubs!

Full. Happy. & Sleepy!