Today is Niyi’s bday! My future baby daddy is 29 today and I am already planning his 30th bday celebration (don’t judge me). Blog post coming soon. In honor of Ni’s bday. These were the first (2007) bday shoes I received from Niyi. Niyi couldn’t  buy me blind gifts (he does a better job now), cause it took him a while to learn the things that I like. We still have our moment after 6 years lol.  Anyhoo, we decided on these shoes for my bday gift and I totally loveD them.

They are super high with a really cool heel (it also has this horse shoe thing going in the sole)..but some how I fell and the heels have been wobbly since then. I can’t wear them for too long now and they work better on carpet.

We got them from yoox which is where I get a lot of my shoes. They have really good sales. I was surprised to find out that they still have them almost 5 years later.

I thought I had a lot more pics with this, but I guess not..here are pics of them from my 24th bday!

Moi–front view of the shoes

side view, check out the cool heel

the beau and I!

My older sister and my 2 baby mamas that celebrated with me. By this time those wobbly babies were off!

Dami— It’s a shoe thang!