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I was catching  up with necolebitchie.com and came across a post about Beyonce (whom I would love to hate, but can’t seem to stop semi stalking ) and how she now enjoys wearing flats. I have to admit, until I moved to NY, I never thought flats were cool. My first teaching job in Texas, I was all heeled up baby. But NOW, after the NY sKKreets have brought me back to earth, I realize that flats could be the sexiest shoes on earth. Special shout out to my husband who has always been a flats advocate. Since my man likes to see a woman in a pair of sexy flats, I got this pair of Stubbs and Wootton velvet slippers from him for Christmas 2010. I was not super psyched about them at first. To be honest, when we went on Madison to get them, I was actually more focused on branching to the Louboutin store. By the way, no more loubs for me- but I digress, will discuss on another post.

Nigeria- Dec 2011 @ Southern Sun Restaurant. I have never hated my hair more than I hate my hair in this pic

I am so in love with my velvet slippers now. I wear them a lot and looking forward to another pair (not velvet this time, I would like the needlepoint (hint hint to Mr. Okubs).

Wore it with my ashewo dress on my 25th bday in Nigeria last year.

They are comfy if you get the right size. I got a 38,  but should have gotten a 38.5. Now, I have to wait for the them to stretch for the first 15mins after I put them on. You can also get your monogram on your slippers by the way.

Niyi and I before heading to an Oscars party last year. Someone once told us we only have mood lighting in our apartment..I totally agree cause all of our pics in the apartment are always a hot mess

Finally, a couple of people have asked me if they are Niyi’s shoes. I guess a lot of ladies don’t wear velvet slippers. I totally recommend it.

Not sure why this dress is trying to send mixed messaged with that pouch (side eye!) Me last year on DaNi’s one year anniversary.

Dami ~”Really and truly you can never have too many pairs; they are all different. You need a pair for every mood – and everyone knows that women have a lot of different moods.” – Anonymous