The hardest job in the world is teaching, and can’t no body tell me different.

I often say that I was born to teach, I love the art of transferring knowledge and helping children reach their greatest potential. I remember when I use to tell my parents in Nigeria that I wanted  to be a teacher or an educationist (remember Renua and the crew at St. Glorias?). I don’t think anyone believed me. My parents put a blackboard (my parents are the BEST, and I mean it with all of my heart) in the verandah and I used to climb on one of the the desks ( that the carpenter made for us to have “lesson”) to write on the board. I actually fell one time and broke my hand when I was teachin the “fruits”( we actually had a fruit that we called fruit… hahahahahahahaha). I use to always teach them and beat them with koboko… no lie.

With the support of my family, I ended up graduating with my teaching degree in 2008 from the university of Houston with my BS in Elementary Education.

(Shabreka, where were you when I needed you?)

My first year teaching, I taught 4th graders in Houston and was blessed to become the rookie teacher of the year for my school and the whole district.

My family had a “Happy New Classroom” Celebration for me. It was amazing, they tried to surprise me, but how do you surprise someone who pressured you into having the celebration in the first place (side eye)?

My scholars working on a project. I have to admit, I miss my first cohort so much. My best year teaching by far to date.

The day Obama became president!

God is forever faithful…and I don’t deserve it.

My mommy and I at the teacher of the year Banquet

After my first year teaching, I decided to pursue my masters in education leadership. I asked God to order my steps and I ended up in the number 1 school for my program (Columbia University) and graduated in the Spring of 2011 with my masters. (Moral of the story- Ask and you shall receive!) I now teach 3rd grade in Brooklyn and can’t do anything but thank God! I look back at my journey, failures, and successes and all I get emotional because we serve a true an living God. ALL you have to do is ask and WATCH GOD work according to his will.

Teaching is in my blood!

Some of my current team mates and I on dress like a scholar day 🙂

I did not want to write this post, but felt like I HAD to for some reason. Teaching is a career of heart and not for everyone…but if you are a teacher please know that you are making a difference( Even when the kids are getting on your last nerves -which they do VERY often hahahahahaha).

-This post is dedicated to my mommy and daddy who have supported me and my sisters through it ALL!  As a Nigerian, everyone expects you to be a lawyer, doctor, etc… but they stood by me and are proud of me through it all.

So why do I teach? Well, I will let two of my current scholars tell you 🙂 (My students were asked recently as part of their homework to write about their teachers, and this is what they wrote)

Scholar 1:Have you ever had the best teacher in your life? I don’t know about you, but I do and she is “Mrs. Okuboyejo.” She is a fair teacher and she likes her students. I would describe her as caring, loving,  and respectful. She loves children and she cares for their education just as much as their parents do. She is a great narrative teacher and very helpful.

Scholar 2: I describe Mrs. Okuboyejo as interesting. She’s the only woman I know who likes football. Also, she is the only Nigerian person I know. She has a good personality too. This is how I would describe Mrs. Okuboyejo. I would also describe her as demanding. She expects things to be done. She also tells people what to do. She wants things to happen fast. She believes in us.

Needless to say, I am a very tough and enthusiastic teacher. I believe my scholars can conquer the world and have very low tolerance for excuses. I TEACH BECAUSE EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO HAVE SOMEONE WHO AGGRESSIVELY BELIEVES IN THEM!

Happy teacher appreciation week to my fellow teachers.

Me at work a couple of days ago. I wish I had a close up of my cool pencil brooch. Don’t blame me, I am a teacher and we buy corny things like that 🙂 (and NO, I am not pregnant -side eye-)