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I went to Houston a couple of days after Easter for  several reasons, I was off for the week and wanted to visit my family, and  Siju’s wedding was that weekend as well.  Siju and I meet a couple of months ago via a mutual friend, so I was  honored when I was invited to be part of her aso ebi!

But first here are a few pics from the engagement.

Siju is one BEAUTIFUL woman!

and so are these beautiful women!

Moi- as you can see, I am addicted to these embellished tops and in same style. My tailor -Biliki in San Gros market- is no joke.

The wedding was beautiful and filled with lots of familiar faces. My fav parts were how the couple honored the dearly departed in their lives, the bridesmaids outfits that were made out of ankara  and the farewell fireworks. The couple looked truly beautiful and as usual me and Leah (my wedding partner in crime), had a blast!

Don’t you just love the idea of Ankara BM outfits?

A very beautiful couple!

Cake was divine! I need to know who made it!

These days, I actually look forward to making aso ebi, because of my new AMAZING  and AFFORDABLE Houston tailor, I have nothing to worry about. I decided to copy my top from Easter but went with a V-neck. I bought my skirt from asos.com and just made  a top (I am done making unwearable aso-ebis. I made a resolution last year that I am only making outfits that I can wear again after the wedding, and so far so good!). I wore some wedged heels that will be featured on Tuesday SHOESday soon!

There is something about Charlene that just makes me happy!

My camera and sequins did not get along (Shine Shine bobo- Na Star!..do yall remember that commercial? lol)

If you know my hubby, then you know that he favors minimalism to an extent. He likes when things just flow and don’t seem overworked. So he did not fancy my all sequins skirt hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh welly 🙂

Finally, I am really thinking of creating a site that features aso ebi styles (like Bella Naija Glam)  from Naija weddings/engagements in America. I continue to see really really cute styles at weddings (like I saw at this wedding) that I would love to copy(no shame -__-). It could also have  reviews and lists of tailors from all 50 states (well not all, I doubt that my people are in Alaska..hahahahahaha). That would be really cool abi?



Congrats again Siju & Bola.