My dear friend/ co worker introduced me to the hunger games series and I read all 3 books in like a week! Yes it was that good! When the movie came out,we had to go on a movie date. So, how do you go to the movie but ensure you don’t get hungry or broke?

So, what did I pack?

Water- Cause you gotta stay hydrated. Gatorade- cause I am trying to stay away from soda and we have a lot at the house. Caramel Popcorn- cause my date is preggo and you know how preggo folks get lol. Grapes- healthy and not messy. 2 plantain chips- one for me and one for preggo power.And finally Haribos Cola  gummies- My FAV. You could never pack enough food. You also need a scarf and napkins!

see how well my  concealer works!

How does this work? Don’t go to the movies looking like a loser (look decent lol). Don’t bring amala and eja din din (fried fish) or bbq wings, you don’t want them to smell your food from a mile away. And finally act nonchalant, but don’t overact nonchalant to the point that you become weird, then they know for a fact that you have food!hahahahahahahaha…..OK, we all know that no one cares if you bring your own food. It does save money cause everything is overpriced at the movies.

After the movies, we went to shake shack! Very affordable and sooo good!so cute, I noticed the doggy menu for the first time.

food was soo goood!

And a good time was had by all 🙂

Laura had to take some ice cream home!

None for me thank you!!! Watching my figure (yea right, after eating all the ijekuje at the movies and shake shack lolololololol)