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Do I love Shoes? YES.

I know nada about makeup, I love basic clothing, but I will sell fish plates for shoes! So, every Tuesday( or something like that), I will pay homage to my love for shoes. I don’t know how I think up all these random things to do. Oh well lol! I will mostly feature shoes from my closet, that I am stalking, or a friend has on.  Hope this lasts -__-. I will be dishing on the back story of the purchase, funny stories and more (if any).

Let us start with my newest pikin. I saw this baby about 3 weeks ago while getting my dose of necolebitchie.com. I immediately checked the YSL site and they had one left in my size. Too good to be true huh?..YUP! 3 days after ordering, I get a message that is it out of stock. I was so ticked…anyhoo, you can’t stop the stalker in me. I was able to find it at netaporter.com and was able to get it delivered in less than 24 hrs!!! I am a huge fan of living in NY I tell you, you get everything early.

Niyi on the other hand, does not care for them that much. He thinks they will be hard to style…but as you can see that did not deter me. And I have worn it several times now…I am about to rock the daylight out of these shoes this summer. I don’t believe in the whole “I don’t want people to think I don’t have anything else to wear in my closet.”…If you paid for it, then you can wear it EVERYDAY!

Finally if you were to purchase, this might be helpful.  I usually wear a 38, but got a 38.5. They run small, if the shoes were closed toes I would have gotten a 39. They are also very comfy!!!! OK, one more thing, it is leather even though it looks so rubbery.

Worked well with my Easter fit (top by my number one tailor Biliki but can be copied by my Houston tailor Ms. Mercy..no for real)

Ijeoma and Moi!

Moi Spring 2012

And while in Houston this weekend, I paired it with a an asymmetrical asos dress..and it worked!

Dami                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~Bata mi a dun ko ko ka~