I wear braids pretty much all year long. I am trying to do something different.. going to the hairdresser is toooooooo expensive. After getting my hair done, I was so paranoid because I did not want the hair to move hahahahahahahahahahaaa….needless to say less than 1 week later I put in some big plaits cause I don’t like the movement lolololol..I want my hair to look exactly the same way it looked in the morning, when I get home…is that crazy?

Yes, I just took my braids out and I look a hot mess AND it was raining on my way to the hairdresser. I went to a shop in Brooklyn and it was so fancy. After dragging Niyi out with me, they told me I could not have guests with me. Is this normal? Man, those shops are stressful, everyone is fully made up and I look like a hot mess. I guess now I know why I fit right into the braiding scene where I usually  get my hair done with my fellow Africans- nothing but people selling socks and batteries, and everyone looking mad! lol

So here is my final look which did not last long

back view


Now, back to trying to wear my own hair :~