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It is so funny how you live somewhere but don’t know wht you are missing until you move. I lived in Flushing while going to Columbia and I was not a bit into exploring, all I wanted to do was hit my bed. Anyhoo, my old roomie introduced me to the folks that I file my taxes with, so I always make the hr long trip to file my taxes, eat, and shop of course. Did I mention that it is the real China Town?

So, we went to file our taxes earlier this week, check out our day in Flushing and make sure Niyi and I take you there when you come visi.

So, we started off filing our taxes and nothing exciting there…in fact I owe the city some money :/

We plan our trip strategically, first food! 25 bucks for hot pot and drinks..and it includes tax and tips baby!

So, you get the menu and get to pick whatever you want. Niyi and  usually get spinach, flat noddles, beef, golden mushrooms and black mushrooms. Of course you can order crabs, chicken, lamb, shrimp, corn,everything pretty much. We love it because everything is fresh and raw (which is why I go there to shop..more to come).

this beef is heavenly

you can also pick from an assortment of side dishes (no additional cost). We always go for scallion pancakes (pictured), dumplings, spring rolls, and my number one meal chicken wings!

Niyi’s dumplings…none for me thank ya!

you have the option of choosing a mild or spicy broth or both. We usually go with both spicy. The broth is really really good and well spiced! So you place all your different items in your broth…

you place whatever you want in your broth, I like to do noodles and beef on one side and then veggies on another… Ignore my look, if you know me, then we know I have an ongoing love affair with my t-shirts-that I never iron by the way-

and viola…

you have a tasty delish meal. Did I mention that you can pretty much sit there all day and order as many items as you like. YOU have to try it!

NEXT- off to the fresh market to get some veggies, beef, fish, and fruits! We always go to the market when we to Flushing because`everything is FRESH! live turtles..ewww

snake fish?…double eww

OK enough with the things I would NEVER eat, but Niyi seems fascinated by..eww


Finally, we get some Chinese pastries. The cakes always bring me back to Big Treat in Nigeria.

again, excuse my mess of a hair, infact, u should see my new do!

Then we head back to our side of town with full bellies,…

…and our groceries! Please believe that I take our Ikea bag to bring home groceries. You gotta stay prepared!

Can’t wait to go back 🙂