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So, as we all know (or maybe not), this blog started off as a wedding planning blog, now I feel like it is going through an identity crisis. Now, let’s just say this site is an inspirational-newly wed joys and pain- testimony-wedding-NYC-heck call it what you want cause Dami enjoys blogging- blog O_o!

So I am returning to our roots today  let’s talk weddings baby! I will tag all my wedding posts wed-obsessed..cause frankly, I am obsessed with weddings!

I am clearly growing up because I had the most weddings to date last year, and got 4 aso-ebis made. That is a lot for me, We were invited to 11 weddings, but only made it to about 8 or 9 of them I think.

Started off with a blue and red March outdoors wedding in Miami. It was intimate and well thought out. My type of wedding.

My sister and I heading out of the hotel.

The wedding went on into the night and couple’s monogram was reflecting off the pool(can you spot the pool?) ahhh, the small details that speak volumesNeed I say more? Place setting, rich red REAL flowers, tent card, floating candles…

The food was never ending, presentation was impeccable, and tasted divine.

I spent a lot of time by that bar..the mojito was on point. Open bar is always the way to go..always!

2 takeaways

  • A kid’s table is not a bad idea, they can have their own fun menu with fries, chicken nuggets and fun non-alcoholic drinks.
  • A destination wedding could be a nice breath of fresh air, I hear it could be cheaper too.

Next, Tinnell and Marcus Sloan’s Wedding…My MOST fun wedding of 2011 (and I think experience is key)! Tinnell’s wedding was everything I needed in my life lol, attention to detail? CHECK, very cohesive theme? CHECK, Attention to detail? CHECK, Mini reunion with all my friends and loved ones? CHECk!!! I can go on, but I think you get the point! Did I mention attention to detail?

Before I get to pictures, I love when Brides are truly appreciative of their guest and Tinnell was the epitome of a humble bride. I got a text from her on her wedding day and I was like wow..this girl is truly something else..I continue to say when it is all said and done character is everything,,,no one has time for the bridezilla nonsense..it is soo overrated!

Niyi and I with my good Friend Leah and hubby at Cocktail hour. The live band was a plus!

Can you spot DaNi? We could not stay out off the dance floor!

Like I had said, a GREAT time was had by all. Shout out to another 2011 Couple, Charlene and Charles breaking it down! Oh wait, I also spot a 2012 bride Siju breaking it down with her boo as well!

2 takeaways

  • I discovered cake pops at this wedding and it is a GREAT way to add personalization to your event
  • I also was introduced to mirror table tops, and a combination of seating options Square tables, long tables, over sized sofa chairs, etc)..this adds a lot of “chicness” to any event, so please please go for it.

Yemi and Jazmine’s wedding was such a beautiful family gathering. The location was breath taking, and the couple were just so into each other..such a beautiful thing! Yemi played his wife’s fav song (that he plays) on the piano and she sang to me. You could tell that they were so in love and as usual the lighting was fab fab fab!

My sisters and our amazing daddy!

The beautiful bride and groom!

Beautiful beautiful location

I love this woman…and we were pretty much wedding buddies the whole year.

2 takeaways

  • Do write and read your own vows. This moment was so emotional, but I am a mess and I could not do it. I am also not openly expressive- which I need to fix- but would love to try this for our vow renewal one day
  • Plan a special number for your boo…it’s so cute!

Ayo and Karina

This wedding features my first aso ebi of the year. It was a lot of fun and yet again a lot of attention to detail. As you see the attention to detail is clearly a common thread. I really liked the use of lighting, it totally transformed the room!

I stole the style from my friend Damola. This was the style that she did for my own wedding. I just think Karina picked really well, I used the gele to make a skirt.

back of top:) I loved it so much, I asked my tailor Biliki (ask me about her), to make me another one just to wear with jeans.

beautiful ambiance

And the couple had a blast, and yes, the rock is blinding!

2 takeaways

  • Please invest in lighting, it will make a huge difference. This room was transformed, and I say go for something patterned or textured.
  • Opt for a fun long rectangular table (in the mist of all of your tables) for bridal party, parents, or dignitaries. Especially for my naija folks, its a better look than having the “high table” in the front of the room/stage.

Next on to the EXTRAVAGANT wedding of Charlene and Charles. Have you ever felt like you were surrounded by love? That is exactly how I felt at this wedding. Everything was super glam, grand, and lots of fun naija jamz. A lot of personalization, great lighting (remember the strong trend?), and I was honored to do the wedding invitations. This wedding took everything to the next level because they had someone making suya outside at the end of the night..one word GENIUS!My dog and I before the reception. By the way, this is the first aso ebi that my darling husband..YES, Niyi made for me. It was fun working with him cause I could get my dress exactly how I wanted 🙂

Another shot…please allow this narcissistic moment, I am just so proud of my man’s work 🙂

fabness, pasta station at cocktail hr, open bar all night long, harpist at cocktail hr, and much much more.

Don’t they just look REGAL…HANDS DOWN, my FAVORITE Nigerian attire to date. This left me speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dear Ijeoma and I

And finally the suya man outside 🙂

2 take-aways

  • Do take it to the next level with a Suya Guy outside lol
  • It is OK to go big or go home..use crystals, alternating table settings, it is YOUR wedding, let it reek of you!

Next,  the Eni & Temi affair. I got a chance to speak with Eni a lot while she was planning her wedding (not because my invitation company took care of all of the paper goods lol), and I was eagerly anticipating the big day. And GRAND it was, and very well planned out! I also loved Eni’s aso ebi selection and Niyi made my aso ebi once again for it.

Where do I start with Eni’s wedding, stretch range rover, great lightning (that trend I tell ya), beautiful REAL floral arrangements, lounge area featuring a desserts bar, AND a photo booth with lots of props! First time experiencing that and it was a lot of fun!

breathtaking location!

My sisters and I at the wedding

Isn’t she lovely

Check out the decor..I love the smell of fresh flowers

I did not get a full pic of the aso ebi Niyi made me, but at least I got a pic of me in the car 🙂

(pic of the dress while Niyi was working on it)

2 takeaways 

  • Do have a photo booth with props! It is a hit!!!!!

Up next, Uche and Collins. Collins was my amazing wedding photographer and his wedding was nothing short of amazing! The most detailed wedding I attended, lots of creative ideas, the food was creative, the set up was creative, the names of their personalized drink was creative, dude they thought about every single detail…candy buffet, all white everything even the speakers, even their wedding favor fit into the theme. As a stationery designer, I am so into paper goods and they spent a lot of time planning all the paperness and it looked amazing. From thier invitations down to the menu that featured a lazer monogram cut out, it was truly my kind of wedding!

the lighting was sick

and yes they were groovin

This was THE priced possession of the night! A magazine that detailed their journey of love…fully detailed like a real magazine

2 takeaways

  • Don’t half ass when it comes to stationery and signage, it makes your wedding more intimate and it actually takes it to the next level
  • Why stick with the traditional meals, think outside the box and serve paella in a cool looking bowl!

And to wrap it all up, we attended a new years eve wedding in Nigeria for our very good friend mayowa. Pics of her wedding are detailed in my previous post: DaNi in Lagos.

Here is a pic of my cousin and I. Nike is the queen of fab aso ebis!

2012 Weddings: So needless to say, weddings are expensive, especially when you live far away and have to travel. We have decided not to go to as many weddings this year in order to save money. We will be attending only 4 weddings, and sending lots of gifts lol, since we already up to 9 save the dates at the moment. Happy planning to all of our dear 2012 friends heading to the alter. 🙂