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My cake Spread!

I had cupcake with personalized chocolate toppings. Some said Dami, @, or 25.

OK, maybe I should go and start from the beginning. At first, I was not going to do anything for my 25th, but then decided that God has been toooo goooood, so I decided to celebrate with my friends and loved ones.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am extra and I thank God for my friends and fab (especially Bolaji and my sisters. Niyi does not count, he is stuck with me hahahaha), but I went into planning mode and celebrated my bday 20 days before my 25th. On my actual 25th, I was in Nigeria and blogged about that already.

So, my invitation company took care of the stationery. I created a personalized print with DO25 (so my initials with the number 25). I used this print as my theme and think it is a very inexpensive way to bring a party together..all you need is a printer baby. Well don’t use your own printer, hire me…that is much better lol!

OK, check out pics of how I used my personalized print to bring the whole party together.

My Raised Personalized Prints πŸ™‚

Back and front of the party invite.

I created tent cards detailing 25 facts about my lifeI created tent cards with 25 facts about me. I used this as decor- like everything else, it had the personalized print.Β  Some of these were funny like-

-I secretly like Beyonce- I used to drive my mother’s car in college, it was a minivan-I love to read- because I wear natural styles does not mean I am a soul sista (miss me with that)-and much more πŸ™‚

anyhoo,,,check out the pics..I love to plan events and I had a blast. Thanks again to my friends who came out and my dream team- Niyi, Famili, and da Sisters-

yes, I am that into my self..I had personalized confetti, napkins and coasters

closer look at my cupcakes

food, and favors display...balloons were in that room only..the lighting created a nice effect


my fav bites...mozarella and tomatoes..yum yum yum!!!!

more food..cream cheese, crackers and berry sauce

more food

my "special drink"..of course we had an open bar as well..aint no party without it

Drinks on me--more signage featuring my personalized prints

up close of the wine favor--ofcourse featuring the same print

they were clearly bored..but the servers were in the house as well

I launched my company that day..and the table was labeled "25 and Beyond"

My friends came from far and wide :)..special shout out to Ijeoma and her "surprise" visit...By the way, this dress inspired the color for the party. My hubby got it from an Oscar de la Renta sample sale. I shortened that bad boy and had me an outfit!

My boo and I were getting down!

check out my hair action lol...thanks to Oye for the fab pics by the way!

oh yea- and my mini cake had the print on it as well. I picked books to help stagger the cakes cause I love to read and it felt personal to me. Niyi also game this cute personalized book. I love all things personalized by the way lol

I also celebrated with my siblings…they are the best!

My berry chantilly cake that I "begged/demanded" from my sisters from whole foods!!!! um um good!

My darling "thogs"..., by the way you don't want to know what happened to the side of the cake

Yes, I sang happy bday to myself--they were just looking at me crazy -__- Nadia was fascinated by the fire..

Skubs. Me.the knife--watch out there na-

Jums helping me blow out my candle, Me..choking

Yes I had to sit and consult with mi Jesus- making a wish is a big deal :)..Sammy Sam and crazy Jums being herself

reading the cute book about sisters they got me together. I have to say my sisters went ABOVE AND BEYOND...vintage shirt, earring, brooch, make up, book, omo they went all out. I need to turn 25 every day!!

I had a blast with my friends and loved ones and I feel so fortunate. This year I want to praise God more than I ever have, I want to laugh more, I want to pray more, I want to call my friends more, I want to LISTEN more, I want to apologize more. The Lord is my strength and so shall it be! If the first 25 years is a reflection of what is in store, then I am about to buckle up! Here is to a fun and exciting 25 more years and 25 more and 25 more…. πŸ™‚