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So, we went to Nigeria for the holidays and it was amazing. I’ll let the pics do the talking.

Yes, we took a lot of bags with us, but we came back with even more -__-

So we were uber excited…twas Niyi’s first time back in about 14 years.

We got to hang with family–which was priceless

Visiting Niyi's Grandad

visiting the nieces and nephews- they are ALL so adorable!

Of course we had to take this pic--with my cousins

visiting my grand mothers

- with the cousins and sammy sam at the "blue" lol

- Family Time :)-

I also got to celebrate my 25th!

- started off the night before at some cool live music spot...

dinner and drinks at City Grill...we HAD to get chapman

birthday morning! Got to visit an orphanage ๐Ÿ™‚

Cakes and pastries from Confectionately Yours

friends- true friends indeed!


the best part was the “small chops” guy in the kitchen

-small chops is the business-

- partied with my fellow Dami and Cousin Janet. Excuse my belly, I clearly had a lot of small chops and chicken pie that day

Next my main gal…Dr. Mayback got married!


We even toured the city by and did a lot of shopping and picture taking…

you have to visit Lekki Arts Market!

Out at Shops at the Park…or sumn like that

Of course I had to visit my number one tailor..Biliki! Ask me about her

- forget all the Lagos designers. San Gros Market is where it is at!

The best part of the trip were the food and drinks. When I tell you my skin cleared up and I was looking like straight butter baby lol

small chops, chapman and a whole bunch of peri peri

corn, obey, boli ati epa...hmmm hmmm good!

My number one drink of choice!

grilled fish and steak from City Grill

small chops! enuff said

Niyi and I having agbalumo for the first time on our trip

hands down the pepper soup of the year from Southern Sun Restaurant

plaintain something from cafe royal

some fish dish something from cafe royal

I also got to meet up with lots of friends…(Too many to put pics up)

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and looking forward to many more trips with my amazing husband. I am truly a lucky girl I tell you.

I leave you all with this song “Love My Baby” by WizKd that I fell in love with while in Nigeria.

Boy(Niyi of course), I swear to you aint no letting go, Na U dey make my head dey ring o!