In the fall of 2011, we were approached by Essence Magazine to be interviewed for the cover story “Finding Love in Any Age”  for the February issue They stumbled on our theknot magazine feature and contacted our photographer Collins Metu, who gave them our contact info (God clearly orders all of our steps and puts things in place to move us to higher ground). They interviewed us at home and it felt so official lol. I have to say the writer did a great job and she nailed the story (If you follow DaNi, then you know that I already gave my version of the story about a year ago on this blog, so it was cool to see it in print undistorted).

By the way, I am 25 not 23 like the article states (side eye Emag)

Please TELL us what you think about the article..I scanned the article, so check it out essence1 & essence2.