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Excited that DaNi is back. Please stay tuned for our very first video blog. For now, enjoy pictures from our one year anniversary!

To celebrate, we started off with dinner at an amazing NY restaurant known as Bohemian. Not only was it affordable,  the food was simply brilliant. Now this restaurant is kind of eh special. You have to call them between a certain time and how do you get their number? By word of mouth only,  you can’t find their number anywhere online. Reservation only too. Oh yea, I forgot to mention.  You simply can’t find the restaurant because it looks like the store front is a meat market. You actually have to go in through the side. I guess their marketing scheme is working. I simply am not down for all that wahala  for just one restaurant, but it was well worth it. Thanks Niyi 🙂

On our actual anniversary, we went to church and got some dessert later that night after Mr. Okubs got off work.

Dessert Truck

Due to our work schedules, we were unable to go on a real trip to celebrate. So instead we went to Beacon, NY to visit the Dia museum and galleries. It was really nice to get out of NY and visit a small town. Check out the pics from Dia, our bed and breakfast and just Beacon in general.

On our way to Beacon

North East West South by Micheal Heizer

oh this Richard Stella installation.


we were in it.

Mt Beacon Bed and Breakfast

the city of Beacon

Finally, we went on a dinner cruise the night we got back from Beacon. It was a complete blast. Enjoy 🙂

Beautiful View

Overall, we had a blast celebrating our anniversary. Thank you all for the facebook shout outs, bb status changes, text messages, phone call, and gifts (thanks Alethea for the great surprise).