Wedding planning consumed my life for the past year and a half and I wouldn’t  have had  it any other way. Creating this blog is arguably one of the best parts of the wedding planning process for me. I was excited to share my ideas both original and stolen LOL. I hope this blog has helped brides and will continue to help future brides.

It is kind of bitter sweet to write this final DaNi wedding related post. Thank you all for visiting and being part of this process with us. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk wedding. As you can tell I am in love with all things wedding and I am def. staying abreast with all the new trends and still coming up with ideas as if my wedding has not passed (soo sad but true LOL).

So what is next for the blog? I am not sure :/  For now, we are are going to just leave it up. If you don’t know, I LOVE to scrap book. My next project is to print out every blog post to create a wedding planning scrap book. I know I do too much, but I can not help it goooooosh LOL.

So what is next for Dami? I am back in the classroom, and completing my masters at Columbia University (ONE CLASS LEFT) :). I am launching my fine stationery line called Parchments by Dami. I am having a lot of fun working on it, It will be chic and cheap. I know what it feels like to feel like you have no money, but you want really nice invites. This will be launched next year (I  might relaunch DaNi as my invitations blog…who knows?).  Something else that has been following me since the wedding is the idea of wedding planning. It is interesting how you think you have your path figured out, but then life starts to happen. Needless to say, I am fully trusting in God, may His will be done.

To all my future bride friends and just brides to be in general, BE YOU. Make sure you try your best to make your wedding speak to your personality. Please don’t try to compete with anyone or compare your day with others. It is YOUR day. So get to planning and best believe I will be all up on facebook checking them out and oohing and ahhing 🙂

Finally, even though we have been married for a little over a month, one thing I am trying to focus on is the Fruit of the spirit. Niyi and I spoke about this during counseling and it is interesting. Interesting in the sense that, it is not the fruit(S) but the fruit of the spirit. Which means that there is no way you can say you have love without having patience, or joy, or kindness, or goodness, etc. It is one fruit which means when you have the fruit of the spirit, you have LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, GENTLENESS AND SELF CONTROL all at the same time.  This definitely cannot be accomplished without the grace of God. With that said, may the lord grant you your heart desires, may He guide you and shower you with blessings, cover you with His grace and empower us all with t His fruit.

I will miss this process 😦 :).