Niyi and I share a great love for shoes.The first thing I purchased for our wedding where my shoes. I did not  have a dress, and I did not care.  Through out the engagement period, I purchased shoes that I would need for the wedding weekend. I knew we had a lot planned  and it  would be an opportunity to update my shoe closet.

So check our shoe selections. I will attempt to give some info on them 🙂

For my second shower, I purchased a pretty “out there” pair of shoes. I think every girl needs at least one ridiculously  blinged out pair of shoes. So, I used the shower as an excuse to get one. I would not consider these shoes to be timeless, but they are pretty solid and could be timeless if styled correctly.

Rehearsal dinner

Over Christmas I fell in love with a pair of shoes my cousin had. I asked her for it and she gracefully obliged. I wore them for the rehearsal dinner. I love bows on shoes 🙂


I don’t discriminate when it comes to shoes. I don’t run after name brands, I just like what I like. So when I saw these shoes, I had to have them.  If you can’t tell, I like embellishments and bows on shoes (ONLY on shoes). I think they are very popular actually (I have seen a couple of my facebook peeps with them on),  I am not a big fan of the pink buttons (loubs wannabe vibe). With all that said, I think they are super cute and they were very affordable.

I immediately fell in love with these pumps. Gold satin with some more bling. 😀 These were the last pair of shoes I purchased and I was not too sure what I would wear them with. It worked out with my second traditional outfit  for the engagement.

Wedding Shoes

These were the first pair shoes I bought after we got engaged. They happened to be on sale (NEVER buy luxury shoes full price). I don’t believe in white wedding shoes and I def wanted to reflect my personality through my shoe. As soon as I saw them, they spoke to me and I definitely listened!! I also decided to personalize them by carving DaNi on the bottom. You HAVE got to personalize ur wedding shoes!!!!!!

Wedding Day party shoes

I had been watching these shoes for over a year on I could not afford it but I knew I wanted it. Can you believe that they had a weekend sale when I started looking for shoes to match the party dress Niyi was making for the reception (that did not quite work out, but my dear friend Ijeoma saved the day). That is when I realized God had been saving them for me. As you can see It is nicely embellished just how I like my shoes. I was drawn to the interesting heel, I did not even care if it was wearable LOL. I am happy to report that they were wearable and now one of my favorite shoes!

Thanksgiving after party

Save the best for last…

There was a sample sale at Niyi’s and since he knows how much I love shoes & embellishments, he bought me these. Out of all of my wedding shoes, they are worth the most but cost the least because it was an in house sample sale at Niyi’s job so all the shoes were super affordable.

Unlike me, Niyi did not go all out on his shoe purchases.

He did get some velvet slippers with a fluer de lis embroidery on it. We were going to have our wedding symbol as fleur de lis when he got them. However after THE SAINTS!! became the champs, I had to retire the fleur de lis. He probably would have gotten his initials instead if we knew then that we were going to scrap the idea.

And, you know per his previous post. He got a great deal for his wedding day shoes. So he had to get them..

Niyi takes his shoe buying process seriously, so he did not really bother with trying to find shoes  for the wedding festivities . He just picked out what he already had in his closet.

So, my advise for all the gals out there is….BUY IT! WHY NOT?