I love projects and I was a little selfish with our wedding so I chose not to have a planner.

We planned our wedding for over a year and I took a lot of joy in creating and obsessing over every detail and idea. So here are some of my ideas, feel free to use them :).

Bridesmaids: I am not a fan of everyone wearing the same outfit. I wanted all of my girls to look their best . So they all wore different dresses but same fabric, different shoes (they had to be red though), different hairstyles, and whatever type of makeup that works best for them. I got them all the same earrings, bracelets and Nike bought the same hair clips for everyone. They also were required to have  pink nail polish.

Flowers: Even though our colors were grey and yellow, I decided on all white flowers. I also like the clean look of flower balls so that was incorporated at the ceremony and at the reception for center pieces.

Cake: Simple is always best. Always remember that the taste matters just as much as the look. I wanted something elegant and chic. I decided to personalize the cake board with DaNi and our wedding date. I also choose all white with pearl balls scattered around one diagonal. It was perfect. Whatever you do, please make sure your cake fits with your theme. We also chose a different flavor for each layer and made the grooms cake red velvet instead of the traditional chocolate.

Picture and Guest Book: I used a very affordable website known as Mpix.com I did not want the framed picture so we ordered a pic that was already on a board.  It is now on our wall at our new place. The guest book now serves as a coffee table book…

To change or not to change: I decided on a party dress because we wanted to have a party. Simple and true. I wanted to be able to move and have a great time. That is why it is important to have a clear vision of what you want your day to be.

Favors: I think it is very disruptive when individual favors are passed out by a lot of people at a wedding. That is why we had gift bags and boxes pre assembled.

Personalized drinks: It is fun, so do it! 🙂

Lounge: I decided on a lounge because I knew the vibe we wanted to create was very chill and almost clubby at the end of the night.

Finally, (1) start planning early. I was able to accomplish a lot myself because I was clear on my vision and started making things  and buying early. (2) Even if someone said they would take care of something for you, always have a plan B. People usually have the best intentions but often times, things don’t work out and you don’t want to be stuck. (3)ENJOY: which means all of that bridezilla stuff is some bull and unnecessary . Yes, it is your wedding day, but how much fun will you have when you are being a bitch to all of the folks that are trying to be there for you. I can def. say that we alllll had a good time. On the wedding day we were running on 1 hour of sleep cause of all of our last minute assembling but no one could tell cause we went with the flow and had a great day. I think this is the most important thing actually, ENJOY.

This must have been 5am night before wedding. I was still creating stuff on the PC. I had the menu card crew(T baby, Vestal and Damz) working hard

Late night Walmart run. We needed some more glue. These negros decided to accesorize their pajamas...and they still bought the purple glue we told them not to buy LOL (Nadia always has to be in the mix)

Bolaji working hard on the guest list. peep the gift bags, the whole house was full

My mom on her 27th "breakfast"...We all could tell she could not sleep. She kept making herself different meals hahha

My final advice (for real this time) is don’t be like me, make sure you get some rest the night before. We clearly were having too much of fun 🙂