Naples Florida… sun, palm tress, resort by the Gulf of Mexico.. what else could newlyweds ask for?

Naples Florida was a last minute decision. We had other honeymoon plans, but for some reason, Florida kept calling. So a week before the wedding, I changed our plans. Booked a week at La Playa Beach and Golf Resort, and had the time of our lives.

What I like about Naples is that there aren’t too many of obnoxious people in thongs (Miami) neither is it full of old people (Well, they aren’t as many old people as Saratosa, Florida).

One thing that I did notice alot in Naples were houses like this

Plenty of them to be exact. Must be alot of quiet millionaires here I guess.

So the nice folks at La Playa put us in a room with a view of the Gulf. We were pretty high. how high? Well…

I actually had to zoom in to get this shot…

Still zoomed in…

… um yeah… we were that high.

We were also able to take pictures like this one

… and this one

… and this one

… and this one

… yeah I know…

… I am one lucky dude…

Even though we caught up on much needed rest, we did find time to move around.

Out and about… cannot remember where though.

Maybe we were coming back from this place

or maybe not…

who cares.. she looks stunning …

Anywhoo menu was cool. She had French Toast and I had some Mexican Omelette.

We also took long walks on the beach

.. at night…

and during the day… we just chilled on it…

… eating Salmon sandwiches

On our last day we visited some outlet mall close to our resort

Someone save me from the sea of shoes

Our last dinner in Naples was a water front dinning experience at the Turtle Club.

I started out with an Arugula Salad with Scallops and capped the evening with an Oak Grilled Beef Tenderloin & Butter Poached Cold water Lobster served with Seasonal Mash!

Dami on the other hand had Fresh Seasonal Berries with Whipped Cream and Candied Pecan Topping

I tell you... those berries were good

… and with that came the end of a glorious two weeks. One that started with stress but then ended in bliss… four days of making lifetime vows to one another; 7 days of quality time with one another… like I said before… what else could newlyweds ask for!


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