A view of the wedding party

I am so grateful to everyone that showed up and showed out for our wedding celebration. It is finally over and it was a HUGE success. looking back, I am so happy about how everything turned out. Our GOD is a good God.  I have about 10 more blog posts about the wedding weekend. After that, I am not sure what the future holds for DaNi.

To our Wonderful parents, words cannot express how grateful we  are  to you all for gifting  us with such a memorable weekend. An extra special thanks to my dad for actually going through the planning process with me. Bringing over 300 favor bags from Nigeria and going along with my vision even thou that is  not the norm in our tradition. My mom is totally awesome, I can not even attempt to list the countless and  sometimes random ( ladies, remember the wedding night/morning when my mom did not want to go to bed and had like 5 different “random” items for breakfast???) things you did to make the day special. Thank you so much, you both are the best!

To my fantastic sisters…Bukola and Jumoke, what can I say? You guys did more than my mind could even fathom. You guys worked for 5 days straight and still looked so freaking good (what can I say, we Folorunsho girls be looking good). Thank you sooo much!!!

To my live crew: Damola, Bolaji, Tolu, Vestal, Nike and Amaka…U guys definitely put in another level of work. May the lord repay you all in a thousand folds. Damola a.k.a my accountant, you did the darn thing!!! Bolaji my dearest ore all the way from Wisconsin, thank you so much! She made me the cutest  personalized shirts (she has a clothing line called Adune Collection) and came in early to help out.

By the way, the shirt reads Niyi’s wife in yoruba

To my ride or die cuzzo Nike and the rest of the rounmu’s…you know I lav you and thanks for always being there. Vestal and Tolu, you ladies were such troopers, you came in and got right to work..thanks 🙂

Amaka, words cannot express how much of a blessing your have been to me. GOD BLESS YOU!

Thank you so much to my favor transporters: mike, Femo, Yosy and Nenna, Alethea, Adeola baby, Ijeoma and Rebeca!

To everyone that checked on me during the planning process (especially you MR FEMI AYANBULE and ADEOLA OGUNDEKUN), thank you so much. I will forever be thankful!  Thanks to my Egwuat crew and Linda lind that were over at the house putting stuff together.

I know I missed a lot of people, please charge my head and not my heart.

Thank you so much with all my heart 🙂