Niyi and I have been non stop this past week… I can def. say that the last couple of weeks before a wedding has been so STRESSFUL….So much to do so little time. I have been scrapping ideas and modifying things all week.

We met up with our friend and MC, Femi to discuss final arrangements and our day of coordinators, The Professional Socialites. As you can see, Niyi and I love to support our friends and acquaintances in their endeavors, which is why a lot of our vendors are our actual friends. With that said, I will be “honestly” rating all of our vendors after the wedding.

Crystal and Megan of the Professional Socialites

Femi, our MC for the day. He has been working really hard for us. It will be his first time and I know he will be off the hook! He is doing us a great favor. Thanks Femo!!!