I posted a couple of months ago about my DIY candy buffet project.

I am super excited because it is all coming together.

So check out what we have so far…

I would like to thank my sister Bukola, my dearest neighbor Leah and my darling Linda for helping me put these to go candy boxes together. They are actually clear Chinese take out boxes.

Per my previous post, I have been collecting jars. Well, I visited Garden Ridge and got a lot more jars 🙂

I also ordered my candy (I think I got them from groovycandies.com) and they came in over the weekend. I cannot wait to see the final product

Due to the heat while shipping, I had to immediately freeze the chocolate candy as soon as they got in.

I was so excited, I kept trying out the different candies.

So, the only thing left is to buy my candy scoops, create and glue the tags for the boxes (Niyi and I came up with something really cool for the tags!!!!!!),  and create labels for the different types of candy.

My event comapny is going to provide fresh flowers and candles  to help enhance the candy table. The Candy buffet table is actually going to be made out of all mirrors,  and will be placed  in the middle of our lounge…I think it is going to be awesome 🙂 I will be sure to post pics…

…so much more  to do…to be honest, I am actually ready for it to be over!