Sisters are truly a gift from God!  My bridal train consists of 4 beautiful ladies including both of my sisters. They are Jumoke, Bukola,  Toni (Niyi’s sister), and Nike (My cousin). It was pretty easy choosing them and they have been very vocal and helpful through the planning process. Even though I do not have a maid of honor, I would like to especially thank my sister Bukola for stepping up to the plate and helping out in every way possible.

My sisters and I a couple of years ago on Jumoke’s bday.

About three years ago..heading out

About two years ago. Nike came to visit 🙂

The weekend I got engaged in NY. All the bridesmaids except Toni.


Jumoke is my eldest sister and she is rather random. Our relationship used to be tough back in our Naija days, we used to fight all the time. I mean real fight, she even knocked out my tooth before (even though she knocked out my tooth, I still won the fight). She will also be our make up and hair person for the big day.  Thanks Jumoke for all of your “help.”

Bukola has been my go to person for everything. She can pretty much tell you everything about the wedding because I run it by her all the time. She along with Jumoke have coined me “the stalker” because of how I chase them to check out my latest ideas— jewelry selection, invitation wording, shoes, etc. Buks is pretty much my right hand gal.. Thanks A LOT. By the way check out her shutterchance

Nike is our closest female cousin.  She was there in NY when I got engaged and will be there when I get married. We pretty much grew up together going to her parents’ “Nikigold” factory and gallivanting around ogbomosho  during Christmas time.   We spent the last holiday together in Nigeria and had a blast! Thank you Ms. Janet Adenike for being there and I can’t wait till the festivities

Toni is Niyi’s sister and happens to be the youngest member of the wedding party. Toni has been very helpful, she participates in all of our threads and gives very well thought out opinions. She acts like she is shy around me. Toni I know that you are  far from shy! I look forward to building a great relationship with you 🙂

(Toni and I at Mad Potter in Houston about 2 years ago)


Adeola Ogunbekun aka galfrien

Damola Aderemi aka Dsquared

Alethea Simms aka Leelee

Bolaji Falomo a.k.a Pricki and Famili

Thats all folks!!!!