Oh yeah!!! The Groomsmen! Four young fellows ready to shut it dahn on the Wedding day.Time to introduce these fools!

Mike– The Best Man (If I had one)

Current Status- Single(?)

One Thing He is Better Than Me In- Basketball

One Thing I Am Better Than Him In- Soccer

Mike is currently in Nursing School (I already let him know that if he ever tries to become a rapper, I will end it with this information).

Some say he looks like Taye Diggs

I mean just look at his model pics…

And yes Ladies.. he is single!!! (I think… spill the beans Mike!)

Mike and I go way back since high school. We however where not friends- At ALL. I found him and his Fake East Coast, Jherri curl activator spraying, Basketball posse annoying. He, on the other hand wondered why an obnoxious shrimp (135lbs  soaking wet >_< )  in XXL Platinum Fubu tees with a Southside fade was going around lying about his gang affiliations when he lived in a 5 bedroom house in Sugarland. We didn’t hit it off till college where we spent countless hours debating what the greatest album

of all time is.

Song That Reminds Me of Mike: Come On Feet- Quasimoto (Off The Unseen)

I could have used this song, but I cannot tell you how many times we listened to that Quasimoto album in college. and no… we were not stoned while listening to it on repeat.

Demola– DOBALE!

Current Status- Taken (!)

One Thing He is Better Than Me In- Street Fighter

One Thing I Am Better Than Him In- Drawing

When we were young, Demola was a tyrant. He ruled with an iron fist.

I am certain that naming his T shirt Line “Dobale” was not coincidence.

Demola has basically been my roomate for the first 25 years of my life.

As you will notice… Demola likes his shades…


… and Indoors

Song That Reminds Me of Demola:  Too Long- Daft Punk (Off Discovery)

He calls it changing music. I am yet to grasp what that means.


Current Status- Engaged

One Thing He is Better Than Me In- Further Maths

One Thing I Am Better Than Him In- Writing

Yemi is a daddy in the body of a third born child. A very stoic guy (that is until someone brings up the Rockets… or Chopin)

Song That Reminds Me of Yemi: For Unto Us A Child is Born- Handel (Off Handel’s Messiah)

I know it would have been much more hip to go with a waltz by Chopin. But anytime I hear this song, or anything from this oratorio, it takes me back to last Christmas, where Yemi took my mother and I out to see the Houston Symphony perform this historical piece.

Sam (Jr)– Lover of all things Kanye

Current Status- Single (Ladies you heard right… he is available!)

One Thing He is Better Than Me In- Telling jokes

One Thing I Am Better Than Him In- Taboo

Dami’s little brother and the youngest of the crew. It’s as if he was dropped on a concrete slab of sarcasm while he was a kid.

Song That Reminds Me of Jr- Little Brother- Black Star (Off The Hurricane OST )

Well he does likes Dilla… and he is a “little brother”

So there we have it folks… the Groomsmen

– Niyi

“Always Human”- Actress