I have been in Houston for about a week and a half now and I have been very busy and loving it.

I have pretty much visited most of my vendors to make sure that we are all on the same page. I have a couple of more vendors to check up on. It is amazing how time flies…the wedding is almost here!!!!!!!!!!

I was ready to head out to my first food tasting and first dress fitting

My wonderful sister Bukola helped me find my chef.  A french trained nigerian chef=perfect! Even though I confirmed him as my caterer (my sisters went to a tasting and loved everything), I tasted his food for the first time last week and I am happy about our decision!

Dont judge my scarf!!!

I have to wear a scarf for at least 15 minutes before I get to my destination because my hair is just a hot untamed mess at the moment. Braids here I come!

My "dead" flowers

The day before I visited my events company (Darryl & Co.) to finalize table arrangements, ceremony decor, etc. I took some of the flowers we worked with home and forgot it in the car. Look what the Houston heat did to it..shame!

I was so ready to eat!!!!

and I ate...

and ate some more

and ate....


There are several things that I cannot compromise on for our wedding, and the food is one of them. I love food, and it will be very evident on that day :)(I even have a midnight surprise..  hmm hmm good).  I was so full even though I only took a bite from each plate. (ok I lie, I tore the pasta up!!!!!)

Bukola's plate (side eye)

After the wedding, I will create a post about all my vendors and actually rate them. Hopefully, it helps another Houston bride out there 🙂

Thanks Rals..off to my dress fitting 🙂

Look out for all the upcoming fun posts!!!!!

I also have to stress that guests have to RSVP by July 1st. After I give the  final headcount based on the RSVP on the 1st, I will be unable to add any more guests to the list; I will finalize my  table assignments  and get ready to par-tay!!!!!. Please note that word of mouth does not count.  Thank you all in advance!