So over the weekend Dami and I headed over to Century 21 (New York’s version of TJ Maxx, with a consistent presence of Margiela paraphernalia) for some groom outfit hunting (And of course to add to Dami’s shoe collection. She says it’s for the wedding… I know it’s not… keep using that excuse sha). For the past few weeks I have been feeling real Kid A with my grooms men. They basically have been taken care of. I am the Boss after all
Let’s revisit that natty list






Pocket Square (Working on it :D)


Anyways back to Century 21. Following a tiring session of judging bedazzled pumps, Dami finally chose her “Wedding” shoe (At this point we are probably at her 10th “wedding” shoe. I might be wrong… It might be more. I lost count after the third) I was ready to GO…

So we pass through the mens shoe section to get the exit. For some reason something told me to stop and look at the racks. I see a fleet of velvet slippers that looked really familiar. the initials read T.F.

I wipe my eyes to make sure I was seeing things right. Are… those… Tom Ford shoes… I… see?

at Centruy 21?
Yes, Yes they were.
Although I was impressed, I kinda was not moved; I was looking for wedding shoes. I was more excited at the fact that the store carried a brand that sells shoes for $10000. Besides… I already have a pair of velvet slippers saving itself for the wedding.

Moving on then… well, that’s what I thought.
I caught another fleet of shoes from the master.. and this time they weren’t velvet.. neither were they slippers.
Ladies and Gentlemen… you know what I did next. Screw buying wedding shoes… now is the time to digress.

Yes, i bought two. Who in their right mind will pass up a 85% discount on $1000 shoes? Not me my friends.. not me!!!

Ok so I am just gonna show one pair. I might slip on the other pair during the ceremony.

Mind boggling deals= only in New York…

Sneakers- Raekwon