There is nothing more pleasurable than browsing through several pictures of Fred Astaire on Google. I use him as a template on how I should evovle as a man in terms of style. I recently discovered this picture while I was at work… All I could say at the time was “Lord Help me!”

It's not even fair!

This, Ladies and Gentlemen is exactly how I want my groomsmen and I to look on the big day (Sans the spat shoes… )

The Peaked Lapels- Check

The One Button style- It’s there

The  Double Breasted Waistcoat- For SHO!

The Bow Tie and the floral Buttonaire- BINGO

and of course.. the pocket square (What more could u ask for)

complete, finito, period, the end, flawless victory…

God bless this man

Funny Face- Fred Astaire/Audrey Hepburn