It has been a while since Niyi and I actually went out to just have fun. Wedding planning has kind of consumed our off days, and we noticed we had to re prioritize for the sake of our relationship! We went out this whole weekend and did nothing wedding related (well kind of ). We saw “Why did I Get Married Too,” I liked it but the ending was not fun :(. Niyi, on the other hand was pretty blaze about the movie.Can you believe I had to win a bet for him to even watch the movie with me! Church was also great as usual, Niyi looked spectacular as usual…unfortunately I did not get a chance to take a pic of him 😦

Here are some pics from our weekend!

Spring Time in the City!!!God is GREAT! Just look around you 🙂

Trying to pick out my bridal shower head piece!!! You know I had to go BIG!!!….On Saturday, I went headband shopping, I would like to have a dramatic head band for my shower, I am not into all the sash, pin and corsage stuff (I am sure at this point my sisters are thinking I need to go ahead and plan this shower LOL, love you ladies, I can’t wait!!!).

….I thought it was dramatic enough, but I def. don’t want it in black

….Niyi thought it was wack LOL!  I later agreed, still searching for the perfect head band…

After church on Sunday we headed to lunch 🙂 As you can see, I had to dispose of that weave, it was not working too well for me. Thanks to my cousin Janet, I got a new do! HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Happy Easter!!!!! After lunch we headed back to church (Brooklyn Tabernacle) for our Easter play. It was sooo good!

By the way, I am trying to step up my makeup game (thanks Funke LOL) however, this nude lip trend…not so much for me next time!

Since I did not get a pic of Niyi this weekend, here is something that represents him!

Some of Niyi's latest designs...That boi got him some talent! 🙂 Thought I'd share that with you since he has been working so hard lately!

Cheers–He is Alive!