I am contemplating if I should create place cards and if I do, what will they look like. I am in love with the knot.com, so here are some ideas I found on their site.

From what I have read and seen, place cards seem like they are a pain in the butt to manage.  I am trying to decide if I should assign seats, tables or just reserve some tables for family and let everyone else seat anywhere. I think this might be better cause our location has two floors; and I am not quite sure how to decide who seats upstairs or downstairs. So are seating arrangements and place cards actually effective?

April is officially our stationery month! This means all of the table names and descriptions have to be typed out, all inviations have to be completed and assembled (we are working on a video blog for that..soo cool!), order of ceremony has to be confirmed and typed out, and much much more!  So keep us in your prayers, we have a busy month ahead!

Happy April from DaNi!