As I am up OCD-ing my portfolio (I am just going to stop looking at it for a while once I am done), I decided to get on here and post another song that I would love to hear at my wedding.

So at this point Dami does not trust me with this wedding playlist. Most people would not blame her; afterall I would love to hear Panda Bear at my wedding (Weird I know).

OK I guess I can live with that. But then I found out a few weeks ago while we where at the N.O. taking engagement pics (Oh yeah them pics were good), that she was adding (by default) not one, but two (TWO!) Black Eyed Peas songs… VAAAAHMMMMEEEETTTTT


the Playlist is in danger of losing its obscurity at this point.. I gotta bring some balance back in…

This was gonna be my trump card…

But then I  thought to myself “Nah it’s too sweet, she might love the theme, and plus, people love David Bowie… at least white people do… and Kanye West, and Black people love Kanye West right?”

So now I dunno what I’m gonna do…

quick, think of something…

I think I got it…^-^

I’ma 4 Swanga TURNA!!!