If you visit this blog often, then you know that Niyi and I are trying to really prepare for our marriage (not just  the actual  wedding day) in every way possible.

Coincidentally, we both ended up watching a podcast about “offense” a couple of days ago. Niyi called me to tell me about it, and guess what? I was in the middle of the same podcast.

Up until recently, I did not realize the magnitude of offense and how much power it has in our lives. It is one  thing that destroys marriages.

We may not be able to do anything about how we feel, but we can do a lot about how we act. We are bound to get upset, even the bible acknowledges this, but reinforces that we should not let the sun set on our anger. It is our responsibility to stay at peace.

So,  how can we make sure that we are at peace, and avoid getting upset at everything? By DEATH!

This means evaluating the things that causes you to get upset and not allowing it to germinate in your life. Don’t feed anger in your life. No need to discuss what someone did to you, or how someone was looking at you funny, or how disrespectful he/she is , or how inconsiderate some was acting, blah blah blah

We need to be able to let IT go, and when we do, that is a sign  that God is working through us. If we practice this enough, we will start to notice that things that used to make us upset don’t even bother us anymore. This is when we know that the spirit of offense has died in our lives.

As far as marriage is concerned, Love is humble(1st Corinthians 13) which means that we should not allow things to get us upset…If we evaluate half the reason why we get upset, we will realize that it is simply pride. I am sure that many marriages have ended simply because of pride.

Lets all strive not to  feed anger or get offended over anything unnecessary. I have a very strong personality and over the last couple of months, God has really shown me that it is a waste of time to get upset . I would be upset and not talk to Niyi for hours or even a full day. However,  pride would not allow me to apologize or accept Niyi’s apology, which was senseless because I was wasting precious time.

I have come a long way, but God is still working in me.  Allow Him to work within you too!

p.s. The podcast was by Joyce Meyer…she is so awesome. I stole a lot of her words for this post, forgive me Joyce!