This past weekend Niyi and I went to take our engagement pictures with the VERY talented Collins Metu.  It was a pleasure working with Collins, he made us very comfortable and the day ended up becoming more of a hang out-reunion-outing-field trip thing. Niyi and Collins also go way back so they got to do a lot of catching up.

So, when we were thinking about our engagement pictures we always wanted to take pictures in the city of New Orleans. As you might already know, I am New Orleanian (who dat!), the city has a lot of character and ended up being the perfect location for our pictures.

We wanted to capture both of our personalities and interests and and we so did. I have to say that God is always perfect in all his ways and he proved it to me through this E-session. He showed up and showed out for real!

Banksy is a famous British graffiti artist that came to New Orleans post Katrina to mark the city. We went around the city looking for his work  and decided on  three,  you shall be seeing them as soon as we put up pics! We shot for about 10 hours and ended up all over the city of New Orleans. We briefly participated in a 2ND line that was taking place in the 7th ward, we made a special trip to the “Super Dome” to pay homage to the great New Orleans Saints (The super bowl champions!!!  I am still excited about that),  Cafe Du Monde, Jackson Square, Canal street and street cars, the river walk,  Le Pavilion and much more.

The best part of this whole process was how much fun it was spending time with my sisters! They were there for me all through! Bukola was working as my PA and Collin’s assistant! She is into photography so she had a blast! Jumoke on the other hand is a maestro with the MAC brush. She did my makeup for all three looks, she also sewed in my weave (Buks put the braids in) and had me looking like a million Bucks! Jumoke does professional makeup, so if you like what you see, hit me up and I can hook yall up!

I also want to give a Special THANK YOU to my closest friend Alethea Simms!!! She was there for me the whole day. She is a walking map of New Orleans, so I was stalking her all day for directions around the city. She also provided me with hotel rooms around the city to change whenever I needed. I love you friend, you have always been there for me!!! Ten years  never felt  so good.

Damola, thanks for hooking a sister up with all them jewelry, and doing that fiya dye job on my weave! Brandin, thanks for hanging with us all day, helping with directions and coming up with the 2nd line idea! Collins again, Thank you!

Here are some background pics

Jumoke was working hard on moi. My hair was still wet. We had to dye it due to some sillyness on my part

Just beautiful LOL..pre flat real hair was still nappy

Me and my Indian Hair..never say never lol. I keep talking about this weave because I am a briads girl, and its my first time getting a real sew in. the way, Bukola did Jumoke's hair, but jumoke says she did the closure her self (whatever that means)

Say Cheese. This was the first look of the day! Look at cute Bubbles in the background 🙂

Collins doing his thing. Us in front of Banksy

Another one of us in front of Banksy..This is my fav piece. check out the mouse

We jumped into a 2nd line...

2nd look...Jumoke working hard..ignore my stray hair

2nd look...Jumoke working hard..ignore my stray hair

We wanted to capture our wedding colors..

Last look...smokey fav look!..excuse my lil belly..we just had dinner. Eniola, this is exactly what I was talking about lol

Excuse my dress...

Actual pics coming soon!