… and I thought  Brides had it bad…

Finding the perfect outfit for me and my groom crew has been somewhat of a pain. What does a guy have to do to get a decent pair of good shoes… like this…

but for under $200. Hey the groom crew is balling on a budget, and Jil Sander most certainly does not fall under it.

At least we’ve made some strides with the suits.

A few months ago I stumbled across this website

I know, I know the website looks a little run down. Yes the images are a little disturbing (sack suits are unforgivable); and I agree, there  is  something very sinister about a $150 made to measure suit.

Still, with all of my skepticism, I somehow found the courage to drop $150 (making sure I bookmarked bbb.org). And you know what happened?

It was the suit that I wore when proposing to my future wife.

Makeyourownsuits.com has earned my trust, and for that they will be given the honor of providing the suits for all the groomsmen.

as for me… well I am the one getting married, I have to up the ante.

I took the bespoke route like BLADAOW without spending Charvet/Brioni money and ended up with Michael Andrews.

the fitting was fantastic,; unfortunately I was unable to take pictures of the man cave of a studio that sold me…the big screen had me hypnotized.

so… we have made some progress. We have the suit, now time to check the list





Pocket Square


oh boy… the boys and I have alot of work to do…


Voyage- Charlotte Gainsbourg