Cooking , to be honest, was not my thing. However, I am starting to enjoy it, and it is also part of my wifely duties. I am also trying to cook every type of dish possible in the next couple of months, here is my first post of a series titled Mrs. Okuboyejo in training. (Dr. Mayback, this post is dedicated to

I really wanted to make the iya buka stew. You know that stew that involves beating the oil for hours and all that stuff…it came out good. In order for it to be great, I should have beat the oil a little longer, but I was scared of setting the apartment on fire.

The stew came out goooood…for real

We are also trying to eat healthy, I include a lot greens when I cook, and Niyi make a mean salad too..

Next, I am going to try porridge,,,yum yum 🙂