Niyi and I finally went to Macy’s to register for gifts last weekend!

It was a lot of fun for me because we were at the BIGGEST Macy’s in the world!!! That place was so huge, Niyi thought I was being razz, but I was truly amazed. With that said, if you ever come to NY, make sure you visit the Macy’s in Herald Square.

What a beautiful sight!

Registering for gifts was a lot of fun…We  liked mostly the same items so it was not hard deciding what to scan. Our simple plan for the day was: Niyi looks for the bar code while Dami scans!

I was serious about scanning as you can see!

very serious!!

I even tested pillows...I was on a mission

It felt just right! SCAN

of course I had to buy something!!!!

Niyi, not so much.

The experience was a lot of fun, but I am not really looking forward to any more scanning. It is kind of tiring. I still have to modify some of the items we chose because after a while, I was just scanning anything  in sight.

I was going to talk about “how much is too much for an item on a registry” but I realized that people are not obligated to buy gifts for weddings. However,  if  you choose to,  there should be something in every registry that could fit any budget.

Happy Monday!