Happy New Year!!!!! God has been faithful. He is truly merciful in every way. I pray that He meets you at your place of need this year. There is no relationship that should supersede that that we have with our Savior. We need to constantly make sure that our God link is on point. I entered the new year with some of my family in Nigeria… oh boy did I have fun. My vacation was awesome!

I had a lot of unique experiences in Lagos, but the craziest was this idea of “attending weddings even when you don’t have an idea of who is getting married.” There was a wedding in particular that I attended as a guest of my cousin and friend Femi, that had almost FIVE THOUSAND attendants. All I was thinking was “what in the world is the wedding budget?” You can’t play that here in America because you almost always pay per head in every location.

I have to admit I have been a culprit in the past… it is this crazy Nigerian concept of people going to weddings to be spectators and to eat. I don’t even think we know what it means to RSVP… pretty sad.

Weddings to me should be personal. The audience should be people that have helped shaped the lives of the couple and their families one way or the other.

So, please take this as a plea from Niyi and I, we would love to have all of our friends and acquaintances at the wedding, but realistically, and financially, we cannot afford to do this. We are going to try very very hard to do this RSVP thing, and I beg you to please RSVP when you get your invite… Mucho mucho thanks in advance.

On another note, Nigeria was fun and I miss my dad and brother already. Here are some pics of me at a couple of weddings I attended. Also stay with us here at DaNI, I ran into a couple of ladies in Naija that told me that they frequently visit our site. THANK YOU FOR THAT! Thanks to people that send Niyi and I messages and compliment us on the blog, we enjoy blogging and we are glad to know that we are not doing it in vain.

My face was soo oily.

My cousins and I!

So whats coming up next? Well, we are closing in on the wedding date, so we hope to have more frequent updates. Look out for us blogging about our registering experience at Macy’s and Target. Niyi is making one of my dresses for the wedding day and he has agreed to take us through the process, marriage counseling, house hunting, picking out aso ebi, we will be introducing you to our bridal train and more!!!

Thanks for staying with us!!!
Happy New Year